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Case Study: The Zero DST

Zero DST

A 1031 exchange is essentially a swap of one investment property for another. The advantage of using a 1031 exchange is that it allows you to defer capital gains on appreciated investment property. There are a number of factors to consider when doing a 1031 exchange, including potential tax implications for any debt on the […]

How to Qualify for a 1031 Exchange: A Simple Guide for Investors

1031 Exchange

Are you thinking about selling your investment property? If so, a 1031 exchange might be an excellent option! This effective tool, also known as a “like-kind exchange,” allows investment property owners to defer a variety of taxes by reinvesting their funds into another piece of property. Qualifying for this incredible wealth-building opportunity isn’t as difficult […]

Do You Need to Be an Accredited Investor to Complete a 1031 Exchange?

Accredited Investor

It’s no secret that some investment options are confusing. While doing your research, you may come across terms you’re not familiar with. For example, many real estate investments are open to “accredited investors” only. What does this mean, and how does it apply to 1031 exchanges? The following guide will tell you everything you need […]

Be Very Careful Before Taking Cash Out of Your 1031 Exchange!

I was recently introduced to a wonderful couple by Ron, a Qualified Intermediary colleague who knew I would be able to help them with their 1031 exchange which was valued at approximately $3 million. Ron said, “Herb, you are going to love these folks. Their parent bought investment property years and ago and built up […]

Can’t Find a Replacement Property for Your 1031 Exchange? Do Not Panic.

Replacement Property

It is quite common. You get an offer on your investment property that is simply too good to pass up. You get it under contract with the intent of using a 1031 exchange to reinvest the proceeds from the sale and defer what would otherwise be a huge capital gains tax obligation.  Because your property […]

How a Webinar Helped an Agent Sell a House That Was Sure to be Re-Rented

The DST helped once again to be a realtor’s deal saver. Sometimes we discover an immediate solution when we were least expecting it. I recently held a webinar for real estate agents where I discussed in detail the advantages of the 1031 ‘like-kind’ exchange structure for investment property owners considering a sale. Most realtors I […]

1031 Exchangers – Do Not Mess with Your Deadlines

Investment Property

Misconception #11 – “45 Days and 180 Days Are Not Written in Stone” Rules matter. Especially as they pertain to certain requirements of a properly executed 1031 exchange. Believe me, I have seen many hearts broken and financial plans damaged by well-intentioned investors who either did not understand the rules of their exchange or did […]