Own Triple Net (NNN) shopping centers, Investment Grade Tenants, Corporate Headquarters, Offices, University Housing, Multi-family Housing, Class-A apartments, Industrial properties, Oil & Natural Gas Royalties, just to name a few.
  • Management free replacement properties
  • Immediately available replacement properties
  • Close escrow in less than 4 days
  • Non-recourse financing (25–82% LTV)
  • 5-8% initial cash flow potential
  • Defer 100% of Your Capital Gains Taxes
  • We Pre-Screen 1031 Alternatives for You
  • 1031 Questions Answered
  • Increase Your Cash Flow Potential
  • Institutional Class Real Estate
  • Investment Grade Tenants
  • Fractional & Sole Ownership Properties
  • Investments as Low as $100,000
  • Exclusive off-market properties
  • Pre-screened net-leased properties
  • Stress-free selection within your 45-days
The years of monthly maintenance and day-to-day property management duties can be tedious.
Is it time to leave the Toilets, Tenants & Trash behind? 
Is it time to enjoy more time with your family and friends?
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