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Growing your Real Estate Practice through 1031 Exchange

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Helping clients solve problems and simplify their financial lives.

Roots in Real Estate

Many financial advisors assist clients with an occasional 1031 exchange, but few have in-depth knowledge of real estate. That's unfortunate, because to properly identify, evaluate and ultimately recommend a specific investment to a client, requires an intimate understanding of the market and various types of property. At Canyon Pacific Herb started his career in real estate and over time, has likely bought and sold virtually every type of property imaginable. This experience has proven time and again, to be of great value to clients who benefit from the insights only an advisor with real estate expertise would have.

Academic Curiosity

Herb Alston has had an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn from his earliest memories of childhood. In particular, he's always had a keen interest in math and numbers which is one reason the team at Canyon Pacific pays so much attention to the finest details and what the data tells them about every real estate transaction. Only through critical and thorough analysis, can clients get a clear, unfiltered view of a property's true value. This also helps clients balance the emotional element of every investment and ultimately make sound, informed decisions.