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Be Very Careful Before Taking Cash Out of Your 1031 Exchange!

I was recently introduced to a wonderful couple by Ron, a Qualified Intermediary colleague who knew I would be able to help them with their 1031 exchange which was valued at approximately $3 million. Ron said, “Herb, you are going to love these folks. Their parent bought investment property years and ago and built up […]

1031 Exchangers – Do Not Mess with Your Deadlines

Investment Property

Misconception #11 – “45 Days and 180 Days Are Not Written in Stone” Rules matter. Especially as they pertain to certain requirements of a properly executed 1031 exchange. Believe me, I have seen many hearts broken and financial plans damaged by well-intentioned investors who either did not understand the rules of their exchange or did […]

IRS Extends 1031 Exchange Deadlines

This appears to provide that any Affected Taxpayer with a 45-Day Exchange Period or 180-Day Exchange Period deadline between April 1 & July 15, 2020 will have an automatic extension to July 15, 2020.